Brighten my night

After a minor fender-bender 12 years ago (8 days after I bought the car!), I had the headlights changed to H5’s, as on the 87-89 Carreras. The original sugar scoops used sealed-beams and weren’t very bright, but the newer ones were only marginally better. I got a lead on a lightly-used pair of H1’s (European lights, separate bulbs for low/high beams) and received them this week. Since I still drive to the track and will be driving to Mid-Ohio in a couple of weeks (much of the driving in the dark), I’ll be installing them. Considerations include female connectors (H5’s take special connectors which must be replaced with H4 connectors–H1 and H4 use same connector), and also installing a headlight relay to minimize voltage loss through extra wiring and the headlight switches. Total cost for project will be $75 as I got lucky with the headlight purchase. The only other purchase needed prior to the event will e a Chatterbox Communicator. While these are now available in a bluetooth configuration, my understanding is that the older wired version is superior for DE instruction, and OG has them in stock. I’ll also be renting a helmet for my son–we’ve been sharing to date, but as we may be driving at the same time now, he’ll need his own. Since he’s away in college (in Ohio – picking him up on the way to M-O), I’ll rent a helmet that at least fits me. so we can both have out own. Then purchase one for him when we return. The car has Toyo 888s on it now and plan to drive to the track on them unless it’s raining, in which case I’ll be mounting the RA-1’s. If I can find someone to drive one of those sets to the track for me, I’ll switch to street tires and save my R-compound tires from the 6+ hour drive.

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